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Hi There! You found me!

My name is Rosie Wolf Williams (but you already know that, because of the big headline). I am a writer, voice artist, inspirational speaker and coach.


Writing and Editing

I have penned articles for top national print and online publications including  USA Weekend, Woman’s Day, Costco Connection, Business People Vermont, NextAvenue.org (a PBS affiliate), and many others.

The story is in the eyes of the subject – and the reader. Each project is an adventure – online content, social media outlets, print publications, signage, in-store advertising, packaging, idea generating, brand naming, one-time freelance job opportunities, and many more. I find the passion in the profile, the answers to those nagging questions, and the wonder in the world!

Your story needs to be told crisply and succinctly so that your audience will enjoy and remember the details. Whether writing a feature story, business profile, blog content, signage, or editing articles and creative collateral for your business, I will showcase your story. If it’s not fun, it’s not done.

Voice work

Each character, each commercial, and each narrative voice deserves its own story. I am old enough to remember the magical radio story of Cinnamon Bear; the television ads that coined the phrases “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature” and “You’re soaking in it”; and the voice of Charles Kurault opening CBS Sunday Morning. But I’m young inside – enough to easily share a glimpse of fantasy worlds with children, and lead the way to new adventures with listeners of all ages. I am waiting to work on your project – no matter where you are located in the world.  I am available for local radio ads, in-flight announcements, on-hold messages, instructional videos, commercials, narratives, documentaries, animation and more. From a voice of energy and delight to a wise and soothing mother’s tone, I’ll find the magic in the mic!


Inspirational Speaker

Are you looking for someone to inspire an audience? Do you want a speaker who is authentic, and speaks passionately about the power of the individual? Do you want a storyteller who can bring a children’s book alive, or an interactive player who uses the entire room as her stage? Tell me about your event!



My job is to show you how to find the power inside you! I will guide you to a greater success by showing you the strength of your thoughts, help you break through limited beliefs, find your true goal, and show you how happy your present life can be – despite your circumstances!


Contact me at Rosie@AlwaysRosie.com or call toll-free 855-711-ROSI (7674).

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